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Three Proven Tips for Clearing Blocked Drains

Are you facing a blocked drainage problem in your wash basin, kitchen sink, toilet or bathroom? If yes, it is time to take preventive measures and clear it before it worsens.  

Most domestic properties have this problem of drain blockage in their commercial and residential areas. It not only reduces outward wastewater flow but also causes permanent blockage of the waste material.  

Therefore, the best way is to take preventive measures and clear the blocked drains as soon as possible. Below are helpful tips and strategies to prevent and remove the blockage. Let’s have a look at the practical tips below. 

What are Blocked Drains? 

Before we jump into the main topic of discussion, you should know what blocked drains are and how they affect your area. When you experience a reduced water flow in your kitchen sink or bathroom, you should know there is some issue.  

In most cases, the sewage system is blocked by the drains, which may be in the form of dirt, large rocky particles, or other waste. Prevent blockages by using sink strainers and adopting good practices of avoiding blocking your drains with: hair, excess toothpaste, hygiene products In either case, you must take strict measures to prevent your sewage system’s further blockage.  

How to Clear Blocked Drains? 

The best solution to clear blocked drains is using different physical and chemical methods. However, it also depends on your area and locality, which will work best for your drainage. For instance, a blocked drain in Campbelltown can be cleared using the three proven tips and tricks. Let’s discuss them one by one: 

By Using DIY Methods 

Given the prevailing environmental laws in Australia and the seriousness of safety practices, it is advisable that you use gloves and protective clothing. Before doing anything else, it is wise to clear your drains on your own. For this, you can use different chemical agents to clear your blockage. Enlisted below are three highly effective cleaning agents or chemicals you can use. 

Boiling Water 

How can you ignore boiling water’s effectiveness in removing drains and blockages? From grease build-up to food debris, every type of clog can be easily removed with the help of boiling water. 

Even tiny drops of high-temperature water can remove stubborn blockages or tough stains from home walls or kitchen sinks. To further increase the effectiveness, you can also add a small amount of dish soap to boiling water.  


The washing soda is also an effective DIY method to remove drain blockage from your bathroom or property. Due to its acidic nature, it can easily unlock your pipes and can actually act as an excellent liquid drainer.  

Moreover, the acidic strength makes your clogs less abrasive and prevents severe damage or property disruptions. Thus, for blocked drains in Campbelltown, people often use washing soda, including Coke or Pepsi, to unblock clogs.  


Vinegar is a powerful product that sanitises your stuff and wipes away all the bacterial content. The potent mixture of white vinegar and water kills all the clogs and blockage on any surface. 


Plunging usually means using suction or compression to pull the water upward. This is often done to remove the upward direction so the clogs can quickly move in another direction. A unique tool called a plunger is used to create a seal, and then sharply, the water is pulled back.  

Besides plunging, you can also use other methods, including hydraulic suction and chemical agents. Here is a list of some standard drainage system cleaning methods: 

  • Chemical unblockers 
  • Sink strainers 
  • Drain rods 

2- By Professionals 

Although you can take help from different chemical agents, it is highly recommended to contact professionals for an effective result. Plumbing agencies, specifically block drainage companies, are a perfect way to solve all your blockage issues. Hydro jetting is the most advanced drain cleaning technique that uses high-pressure water streams to clean clogged pipes. 

Therefore, Yass Plumbing solves all your drainage system issues. Whether you need a high-pressure technique or any other drain cleaning method, we are here to help you in all aspects. Our primary services include plumbing, gas fitting, kitchen renovation, bathroom pipe clean-up, and drainage solutions. 

Here are three significant reasons why you should hire Yass Plumbing for professional servicing of blocked drains in Campbelltown: 

  • We provide exceptional and highly qualified plumbing services 
  • We have vast experience in the drain cleaning and maintenance industry 
  • We efficiently and effectively deliver all kinds of residential, commercial, or property management services  

There you have it! 

Clearing blocked drains on your own is a tedious and time-consuming task. Thus, it is always recommended to consult with a professional in this regard. It gives you effective results and makes your kitchen sink or bathroom pipe study for future use. Hence, you should treat your property with a professional touch if you want to altogether remove the clogs. 

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